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Art and Dance

Art Classes
Deaf children can’t hear, but they are very visual and see the things sharper then anybody else.
We see in our Art Classes that our pupils observe the world very intensive. Every detail we find back in their drawings.

Most of our deaf children like to express themselves in art. We do drawing, painting, claying and all other forms of art. At the end of the school year we organize an Art Exhibition with their work.

The deaf students got many prizes with Art drawing and dancing contests.

Dancing Classes
Deaf children can’t hear the music, but they can feel the vibration of the drum.
The Dancing classes are conducted by a well trained teacher with the helps of signs. Every year in December we organize a concert for the parents and other invitees.


Drama Classes
Drama lessons are very important for hearing impaired children to express their hidden feelings. Their anger and frustrations can be expressed in the drama lessons.
We see many deaf pupils who are normally very shy, coming out suddenly in the drama class with a different picture of themselves.

Once a month we have a beautiful drama performance from all the classes, completely with dresses, make up and we perform on a stage. The pupils always look forward for this event.