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Newsletter September 2019.

Newsletter September 2019.

The Month of September started with the cleaning of the school garden by the parents, children and staff members. This is compulsory for all the schools as there still is a dengue fever epidemic in Sri Lanka. The school started with the program on September 2nd for the last trimester of this school year.

Manori, the teacher who married last year in November, got a baby girl on September 5th.

The two new small pupils, Keshani and Pubudu, are doing very well in the school.

We got a tasty dinner from a catering for all the children & staff from Priyanthi. The dessert, a chocolat pudding, she made herself.

A deaf priest (Father Kim) with his hearing wife from South Korea visited us. As they live in Sri Lanka  for some time, it was possible for him to use the Sri Lankan Sign Language. The deaf pupils were very happy to communicate with him.

On September 21st a group of our pupils went with 4 staff members to a prize giving ceremony of the drawing contest earlier this year. There was a beautiful program and 13 of our deaf pupils got a prize.

Chathu, our class assistant, married last month and brought a visit to the School with her husband on Sunday (22). They brought 2 very big cakes for the children & staff.

During the last 2 weeks of September Sri Lanka got a lot of heavy rains. Special in the South there were a lot of floods and earth slips. All the schools had to close in that area. Our deaf pupils, who went home for the week-end, could not come back as all the roads were flooded.

The new puppets, what we received from Simon in the Netherlands for the puppet show, gave new inspiration to the children. They enjoyed very much to give a show.

Shramadana of parents

Class room

Pubudi & Keshani with Darshani

Dana dinner from Priyanthi

Father Kim and his wife

Prize giving Parent’s Association

Chathu and Shan

Puppet Show

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