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Newsletter March 2019

Newsletter March 2019

On march 5th we celebrated the birthday of our Founder/Principal Tineke de Silva. It was a day full of surprises! Secretly the staff had invited 30 past pupils of the School, as it was the 35th Anniversary of the Deaf School! After lighting the oil lamp and cutting the cake, everybody went outside to see that the school garden was changed into a Fairy Tale Garden with bouncers, popcorn and candy floss. For the lunch the dining hall of the School was too small, but everybody managed to get their tasty meal. It was a day full of memories and taking pictures.

On March 10th Vihanga, one of the deaf pupils, came back to school after the terrible road accident in a tuk tuk. Hereby her grandmother died and her father was severely wounded and had to be in the ICU for many weeks. Still her father has to undergo different operations. Vihanga got a broken leg and several wounds all over her body. Little by little she is improving to normal life again.

On March 14th a friend from England, Hashi, gave a lunch to the children. Everybody enjoyed it!            On this day Sanuth, one of our pupils of 14 years, was brought back to school after the sudden passing away of his father. But he was so upset, that we decided to take him back home till the wound is little more healed. He was very close to his father.

On march 15th the Trainees from Agriculture were doing their first trimester NVQ-3 exam.

On march 20 we arranged a work shop on sexual education which was conducted by a group of Volunteers “ARKA’ consisting of  young doctors, a psychiatrist, a lawyer and a psychologist. It was done very professionally. Our eldest deaf pupils participated. Later there will be some follow up programs. For deaf children it is difficult to understand everything because of the language. We have to repeat it many times.

The test week for the April reports started on 25th of March.

On Sunday, March 31st, 12 pupils participated in an annual drawing contest, organized by the Deaf Parent’s Association.

In the month of March we got a lot of visitors from the Netherlands, most sponsors.

Ingrid, Anjana and Nelum Maters (Deventer), Annemieke with husband (Zutphen), Tineke and Michiel Nienoord (Apeldoorn), Mieke and Gerard Smienk (Tubbergen).

It is very nice to show the Deaf School to interested people and get their feed back!



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