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Newsletter June 2019

Newsletter June 2019

This month started with the celebration of birthdays of 2 teachers and several pupils.

The play ground is now complete after the new climbing rack was brought. The children are very happy to play there and children of all ages make nice figures in the sand, even of Adams Peak.

On June 12 everybody was very happy with the excellent Indian Lunch, donated by Mr. Kanagaraja. He brings it once a year, in memory of his late mother.

We held a drawing contest with prizes for the Poson Festival. The Buddhists in Sri Lanka celebrate with Poson the arrival of the first Buddhist Monks from India, 263 BC.

All the pupils went home to celebrate it in their own village. As this year the Wesak Festival could not be celebrated, as it was just after the suicide attacks on Easter Sunday, the Poson days were extra colourful with beautiful decorations.

Everywhere were stalls with free lunches, ice creams, drinks and short eats and places with music and drama’s about the arrival of the Buddhist Monks from India.

We had a good harvest in our school vegetable garden. We use these vegetables for the meals of the children.

In the weekly cookery class the pupils made this month 2 different puddings and biscuits.



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