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Newsletter for January 2019

Newsletter for January 2019

The new school year started on January 1st 2019 with a Shramadana Clean Up in the school garden by the parents, deaf  pupils and staff members. The deaf children were happy to be back after the holidays to see all their friends again.

Mudithe de Silva, the son of Tineke and Susiri de Silva, started working as the new Director of the Dr. Reijntjes School for the Deaf. He takes over the job of his mother Tineke de Silva. Tineke still will be in the Deaf School, but a little on the back ground.

We also got 2 new matrons (Preethi and Sunitha) and a new dance teacher (Rashmi).

Ine Lems from the Netherlands arrived on January 14th and stays every year 3 weeks in the Deaf school. She collects money in the Netherlands and during her stay she brings all the items what the Deaf School needs.

This time she brought 2 sewing machines, fans, chairs, curtain and bed spread’s materials for the boys hostel, a cupboard, articles for the Science Lab and much more. She is a sponsor of the Deaf School for the last 32 years!

We celebrated the birthday of our Korean volunteer Minuri on the 14th.

The eldest boys and girls went to climb Adam’s Peak on 29 and 30 January. It was nice dry weather and they had a marvelous time. Only the female climbers got muscle pain!

We got some visitors from the Netherlands: Robbert Snijders, Peter Koolhaas and Jan.


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