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Newsletter April 2019.

Newsletter April 2019.

The deaf pupils prepared the special delicacies for New Year in the Cookery Class on April first.

These short eats were served during the New Year’s Games with the pupils on April 2nd. in the school garden. It was a beautiful morning and the children had a lot of fun. The climax was like every year, the choosing of the New Year Beauty Queen. This year it was Chanmalee who was the most beautiful girl!

On April 4th we organized a Parent’s Day and the same time the parents took their children home for the New Year’s holidays.

The Sinhala and Tamil New Year was celebrated this year on April 13 & 14.This is for all the Sinhalese & Tamil people the most celebrated family days in their villages. All the family members come together and a lot of festival games are organized. Every village has their own Beauty Queen Contests!


On Easter Sunday (21) most of the staff members of the school came back to organize everything for the new school term. The pupils were expected on Monday, April 22nd.

But it turned to be a very dramatic, bloody day we never will forget. Suddenly we heard that there was an attack on the St. Anthony’s Church in Kochchikade, Colombo. We rushed to the TV and looked in fear what we saw. It was not only one but total 8 brutal terrorist attacks. Three churches, 4 Hotels and a house!

We all, like all the Sri Lankans, were in shock to see all these dead and wounded peoples taken from the churches & hotels to all the hospitals. There was confusion and unbelief that this happened very close to our school! Colombo is 17 km. distance and Dehiwala only 8 km.

The total number of people killed was 253, the wounded people were 500 under which 42 foreigners in the hotels.

That same afternoon we got curfew till the next morning in the whole country. All the schools were closed till May 6th to search all the Muslim terrorists connected to these suicide bomb attacks.

The country is back in a war situation with road blocks, body checks and a lot of army and police on the streets. Let us hope that the danger is under control when the schools open on May 6th.



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