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Total Communication

A “Total Communication” method is used. It combines oral and manual techniques, including spoken language, writing, drawing, finger-alphabet and lip reading. All the deaf pupils of the School wear hearing aids donated by the School. Fortunately hearing aids are now also available in Sri Lanka. That makes it possible for us to purchase them in Colombo and get all the important services a hearing aid needs.

The School has a digital audiometer to do a hearing-test and to make an audiogramme.The pupils get speech therapy from a trained speech therapist.

Classes are not based on age but on the cognitive level of the child. All the subjects of a basic school are taught. Much attention is given to subjects requiring the children to express themselves as this is an area where they typically have problems. Surpressed emotoins are brought out through drama, via an experienced drama teacher. Dancing lessons are given to the accompaniment of a drum, from which they can receive the vibrations. During the weekends an artist gives painting lessons. The pupils have won various prizes at art competitions.

In 2005 a new Computer Centre was opened with the most modern equipment for the deaf pupils for their communication.