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Annual School Trip on 5th July, 2018

Annual School Trip on 5th July, 2018

This year the Annual School Trip was planned for July 5th.

We left at 7 a.m. and first brought a visit to the Bandaranaike International Airport.

When we arrived everything was arranged for an excursion through the whole Airport. The first point was the security check for all, after that the place where the suit cases are taken in etc. It took total           3 hours. We saw 3 planes leaving and 3 landing. All the information was interpreted by one of our teachers in sign language.

At the end we got a snack and a drink in one of the canteens.

After that we went to Kelaniya to the Manelwatte Temple with the huge Buddha Statue. It is a very large place on 52 acres of land with a lot of buildings, as there is a University Campus for Buddhist Studies too. There are now 600 students, but in the future there is place for 6000 international students.

The Chief Monk gave a talk and will donate some books to the deaf students about Buddhism.

We had a tasty lunch in the Canteen of the Temple.

The visit to the Coca Cola Factory what was also planned for today, was cancelled by the Manager the last moment. He told that we have to make a new appointment next month. That was for everybody a disappointment




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